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At the 2016 National Alliance for Public Schools’ National Charter Schools Conference, Academica Founder and President Fernando Zulueta, addressed a large crowd on the subject of the accomplishments of charter schools with children of low-income families. The talk demonstrated the notable strides of the charter school movement, which, along with Academica, began gaining momentum 20 years ago.

A great deal has changed since Governor Lawton Chiles signed Florida’s charter school bill into law in 1996.  Academica was founded as a charter school service and support entity in 1999.

Today, as arguably the largest and most successful organization of its kind, Academica supports over 200 educational institutions, including charter schools, international digital learning communities, and a college.  Academica serves approximately 150,000 students globally. The Academica story began with a simple notion, one to improve South Florida’s public school system in a novel manner.


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