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Academica Nevada has an experienced team of professionals to provide services and solutions for every aspect of charter school establishment and operation. The company ensures the school's governing body has complete autonomy and control over its school academic program, staffing needs and curriculum. Academica assists charters in many ways:

Educational Choice


As new educational innovations emerge, Academica can apply 20+ years of experience helping clients launch independent charter schools to other school choice models:

• Writing charter school applications and petitions
• Training on and assistance with application processes
• Facilitating the establishment and coordination of corporate structures

Academic Support


A focus on student success requires building great teams, providing the necessary resources, and discovering best practices for continuous improvement:

• Assisting governing board in identifying dynamic and effective school leader
• Hosting leadership retreats in order to share best practices throughout school networks
• Assisting with curriculum research, development and modifications
• Analyzing, interpreting and using academic performance data to inform and improve instruction

Financial Services


The foundation of sustainability is fiscal accountability:

• Bookkeeping and accounting services
• Quarterly and annual budgets, including budget forecasting
• Cash flow projections and obtaining financing
• Establishment of credit facilities
• Development of capital outlay plans
• Coordination and logistical support of financial audits

Governmental Liaison


Encourage communication between a governing board, its school and regulatory entities to ensure compliance, approvals and continuing support for school choice:

• Municipal, state and federal agencies
• Advocacy
• Reporting


PINECREST- Inspirada

Creating a vibrant, dynamic learning environment is as important to a quality education as staffing and curriculum:

• Site selection and acquisition assistance
• School design and developments
• Land-use approvals
• Providing access to award-winning facilities
• Compliance with fire and security requirements
• Planning for future facilities' needs

Human Resources


Inspire student success by bringing together people who share the vision of high-quality education for all:

• Identifying staffing needs
• Recruiting of staff
• Incentive programs
• Payroll coordination
• Governmental compliance

Strategic Planning & Implementation


Exploring the potential impact of emerging trends helps educators address immediate needs and plan for the future:

• Long and short-term planning and budgeting
• Strategic positioning
• Identifying underserved markets
• Replication and scaling of programs

Public Relations & Marketing


Cultivating quality relationships internally and across networks brings to light new ideas and ways to improve:

• Identity and brand development
• Student and parent engagement strategies
• School climate surveys
• Internship programs and alumni networking
• Community outreach for recruitment awareness



A key aspect of the school choice movement is the emphasis on accountability for excellent student outcomes:

• Charter compliance
• Reporting fulfillment
• Renewals and numerous annual site inspections
• Quality assurance
• Statutory compliance

Board Facilitation


A key aspect of the school choice movement is the emphasis on accountability for excellent student outcomes:

• Coordinating board meetings and training
• Public notice compliance
• Government in the Sunshine compliance (or other local compliance matters related to public meetings)

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