Academica-Supported Schools Earn High Marks

July 18, 2019

Academica supports many of the top-performing schools in the State of Florida.

Academica schools earned an “A” grade for 2019. A third of Academica schools ranked in the top 10 percent and half ranked in the top 25 percent in the State. 77 schools earned an “A,” and 23 schools earned a “B.”

The Doral Academy and Pinecrest Academy school networks had all “A” schools. Pinecrest Academy North in Miami-Dade was the top performing K-8 school in Florida. The school is a 2019 National Blue Ribbon Nominee.

Academica is one of America’s most successful education organizations. It serves 200 charter schools, a digital learning community, and a non-profit college.

During the past 20 years, Academica’s charter schools have earned many accolades. Ranking organizations list Academica’s charter high schools among the nation’s best. Stanford University’s CREDO found that Academica’s ”hybrid” school networks are among the nation’s highest achieving. Academica’s exceptional results are especially notable for low income and minority students.

Congratulations to all Academica-serviced schools for their achievements. The students, teachers and leaders at these charter schools continue to surpass expectations.

More information about school grades is available at Florida Department of Education.

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