Las Vegas teacher turns students
into cardboard cut-outs ahead of new school year

Las Vegas | August 14, 2020

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Tara Swartz is a 5th grade teacher at Somerset Academy Lone Mountain. Classes start Monday and Swartz will start her day staring out at twenty-six smiling faces. What makes her class unique is those faces will be made of cardboard.


"At the baseball games you see the cardboard cutouts in the background," Swartz said. "We thought that's a great idea. What if we did that with the kids? They'll get to see themselves and we'll get to see them."


Mrs. Swartz sent out an email to all the parents asking for a picture of their students. The pictures came in, she went to the store and her cardboard kids classroom was born.


"I really like it," exclaimed one of her students.


"I think it's so creative and so cute," said another.


Mrs. Swartz will be teaching her students virtually, with 26 little boxes on her laptop, but all she has to do is look up to see those same faces smiling and life sized in her classroom.


"It means so much," an emotional Swartz says. "I'm so filled with joy to be their teacher."


Classes start Monday morning at Somerset Academy Lone Mountain.



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