The Classroom Of The Future

In March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools across the country to close their physical buildings. They faced a new and difficult challenge. Academica and Academica Virtual Education reacted swiftly by shifting students to Remote-Live Instruction. AVE assisted hundreds of schools to transition to remote instruction, without missing a day of learning.

AVE, through its digital educational operating system (dEOS), Colēgia, provided students a secure, robust online learning environment. Colēgia ensures secure authentication when students log in to their virtual classes.

Students learning through Remote-Live Instruction via Colēgia receive instruction from teachers in real-time from the safety of their home.

As the pandemic spread, and it was clear that a return to school buildings would need to look different. Here is where the idea of the “Classroom of the Future (COTF)" arose.

The COTF are equipped with technology to allow schools to teach students in the physical classroom and those attending from home, simultaneously. Teachers and students in the brick-and-mortar setting engage in two-way teaching, learning and participation with students attending class remotely.

The most noticeable modification is the reduced class size. Reduced class sizes help maintain social distancing and follow CDC guidelines. With a reduction of on-campus students, one set of students can learn in person while the other learns from home.

Cutting-edge technology facilitates this process. COTF uses a video-conferencing platform to connect with the students who are at home. It uses a HD auto-tracking cameras in the classroom. The cameras follow the teacher’s movements and display the live footage to the students who are home. In classrooms, a flat-screen display shows the students who are learning from home. This ensures engagement even though the students aren’t in the physical classroom. COTF provides an engaging experience to the students who can’t attend the brick-and-mortar classroom.

Seeing that COTF was designed to guarantee learning, irrespective of external factors, it will remain useful even after COVID-19 subsides. The Classroom of the Future was born as a response to the pandemic. That response is defining the future of education and revolutionizing the learning experience for all students, one classroom at a time.

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