Educational Management Service Provider

Academica Nevada has an experienced team of professionals that provide services and solutions for every aspect of charter school establishment and operation. The company ensures the school's governing body has complete autonomy and control over its school academic program, staffing needs and curriculum.

Academica assists charters in many ways:


  • Provides charter schools with comprehensive service and support.


  • Ensures a professionally managed and operated charter school meets the requirements of the school's contracts, local ordinances, and State and Federal laws.


  • Offers guidance and resources to guide charter schools from conception onward.


  • Ensure and implement the Board's vision for its school(s).

Founded on Principles

Academica Nevada was founded on the principle that each charter school is a unique educational environment that is governed by an independent Board with a specific vision for its school.

The primary purpose is to facilitate a Board's vision for its school and ensure that vision is implemented. To that end, Academica Nevada provides each school with the services desired by the School's Board.

Meet Your Needs

Academica Nevada successfully manages the establishment and operations of charter schools from building concept to curriculum resources in a timely manner in Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, and Colorado.

Current Schools:

  • Somerset Academy of Las Vegas
  • Somerset Academy of Arizona
  • Doral Academy of Nevada
  • Doral Academy of Northern Nevada
  • Doral Academy of Idaho
  • Doral Academy of Colorado
  • CIVICA Nevada
  • CIVICA Arizona
  • Pinecrest Academy of Nevada
  • Pinecrest Academy of Northern Nevada
  • Pinecrest Academy of Idaho
  • Mater Academy of Nevada
  • Mater Academy of Northern Nevada
  • SLAM of Nevada
  • SLAM Arizona
  • Young Women's Leadership Academy