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Somerset Academy

Founded in 1997, Somerset Academy Charter School opened in Miramar, Florida, to humble beginnings. Appropriately named Somerset Neighborhood, the school was housed in a two-room schoolhouse and served 50 students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. To meet parental demand, the school expanded in the years to follow but was careful to maintain a nurturing, tight-knit learning environment that parents love and in which students thrive.

Somerset Academy, Inc. now offers high-quality K-12 educational programs in Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Spain that have achieved and continue to achieve academic success. Although all Somerset Academy schools share a vision, each campus has a unique and enriching educational program that is tailored to the community it serves. This formula, along with incredible support from parents, has made Somerset Academy a nationally recognized, award-winning family of high quality public charter schools. Somerset Academy schools have received many national awards and accolades, including operating 4 National Blue Ribbon Schools.

Mater Academy

The first Mater school opened in 1998, just one year after the passing of charter school legislation in Florida. Over the years, Mater Academy would expand its reach to more underserved communities in Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens and Little Havana by opening additional elementary, middle, and high school campuses. By 2010, Mater Academy had 14 schools serving more than 6,300 students in grades PreK-12 across Miami-Dade County. By 2015, just five years later, enrollment had more than doubled to 13,380 students throughout South and Central Florida.

Today, Mater Academy serves over 19,000 students from all socio-economic backgrounds across 30 charter schools throughout Florida and Nevada. These tuition-free schools reinforce our deeply rooted belief that at MATER, every child can excel and every child must have the opportunity to do so because every child matters.

Mater Academy schools are often recognized on a state and national level. The entity operates five National Blue Ribbon Schools.

Doral Academy

Doral Academy is a system of high quality K-12 public charter schools that has been serving families throughout Nevada and Florida for over 15 years. Doral Academy promotes a culture that maximizes student achievement and fosters the development of accountable, 21st century learners in a safe and enriching environment.

Doral Academy, Inc. operates some of the highest performing schools in the Nation. Doral is a three-time National Blue Ribbon School awardee, a testament to the exemplary programming offered by Doral.

The schools within the system offer a curriculum that contributes to the vision by providing students with a full range of opportunities in the classroom, as well as through clubs and community service. These opportunities help students learn and develop the skills that will empower them to become lifelong learners.

Pinecrest Academy

Pinecrest Academy, Inc. is a high performing charter school network that operates 20 schools throughout Central and South Florida and Nevada. The organization has a proven track record of successfully implementing their vision of raising student achievement while decreasing the achievement gap for disadvantaged student populations.

Varying from College Preparation to Performing Arts to Science and Engineering, each Pinecrest program follows a state standards-based curriculum unique to the community and students it serves.

Pinecrest Academy North, located in Miami, Florida, was recently designated a National Blue Ribbon School.


SLAM prepares students for post-secondary careers through academies in Sports Medicine, Broadcasting, Media Production, Marketing, Entertainment, Arts, and Management.

The SLAM Foundation provides SLAM schools with professional development, curriculum support, and access to national partnerships.

Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise

Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise (LAAAE) prepares students for leadership in the arts and in business, where creativity, academic knowledge, and financial literacy are essential for success. LAAAE develops a generation of diverse, educated, and compassionate leaders by providing a dynamic, innovative education that integrates the four lenses of learning: Academics, Arts, Enterprise, and Personal Growth.

Clear Dot Charter School

Clear Dot provides immersion in activities that encourage compassion and self-determination by: understanding the cultural similarities and differences of others, sharing in the suffering and happiness of others, and sharing in the beauty of our living earth.

Clear Dot provides a unique educational choice to families through the use of an integrated program to achieve Academic Excellence and Global Competence.

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